Adventures in the Inner Harbor

June 22, 2013
Charm City lived up to its name this weekend. After arriving in Baltimore, MD and checking into our hotel, we explored the Inner Harbor and saw some pretty spectacular views.


We then journeyed into Little Italy to meet with some alums as well as Director of Alumni and Parent Relations Jay McClymont and his family. We enjoyed our time at Ammici's and loved getting to know the alums of Baltimore!


As we approach the final stretch of our alumni tour and reflect upon the previous stops we've made, we've begun to notice encouraging continued connections in our alumni community in spite of geographical differences. Whether it be continued interest in our Messiah community, a shared passion or field of study or a common college experience, Messiah alums often have more in common than you'd think. This can be seen in two '05 graduates from different cities who both decided to pursue careers in Library Science or the two '88 graduates who both have children interested in pursuing an education at Messiah College. It seemed that there were alums reminiscing about chapel in almost every city we visited and curiosity about the current state of dorm life has been a consistent theme. We hope that these commonalities are representative of a larger shared experience at Messiah. We hope that this shared experience was one that promoted growth through intellectual and spiritual development while encouraging individuals to journey together, even in the smallest of ways.

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