On the Road Again…

June 4, 2013
The van is delivered, the events are confirmed and our directions are set- The Alumni Office is ready to hit the road this Thursday as we venture off on the 2013 Falcon Nation Tour!

One of the continued questions we are asked about the Falcon Nation tour is “why”. What is your purpose? Why spend three weeks on the road traveling city to city? Is it to entertain Messiah College alumni? Certainly we hope our alumni have fun enjoying meals, baseball games, and time with one another but this explanation leaves the true purpose of our cross country tour untouched. Although many of us dreaded the “C” word during our time as students, Falcon Nation truly seeks to deliver community to our alumni community where they are today outside of Grantham. This tour affirms the idea that wherever you are, you are not out of reach from the community provided by your alma mater and even further, by the Kingdom of God.

As we travel we certainly hope to have fun and meet hundreds of alumni in the process of doing so. However we also hope our purpose reaches deeper. It is our prayer that God would use this time to reestablish lost relationships with one another, to develop new community for others, and even further utilize 16 events in 22 days to do immeasurable work for His Kingdom.

See You on the Road!

Brittany Claridge '10

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